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EFT netwerk Nederland

The Dutch EFT network, is founded in june 2011.

EFT network NL is a group of therapists, consultants and prevention workers, who apply EFT (treatment) model  in their daily practice. Most therapists are goverment (Big) registered and work both in mental health care institution and in private practices. Although EFT is primarily developed for the treatment of relationship problems, aspects of EFTare  increasingly used in family therapy, individual therapy, traning for managers in commercial world and even in preparing for childbirth and parenthood. Attachment, the fundamental need for connedtion, security and safety issues is the most important  in all relationships.

The  EFT Network is  a initiative of Berry Aarnoudse, EFT therapist, supervisor & trainer.

"When I was in New York to attend the EFT Externship of Sue Johnson, I was gripped by EFT. As a psychotherapist trained in different frames of reference, I  basically worked as a martial & family therapist. EFT felt to me like "coming home" The values of the client-oriented psychotherapie and a family therapy interventions seemed almost to melt, to enrich!"


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