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Hold Me Tight: Conversations for Connection

In juni 2011 EFT network started with the implementation of the "Hold me tight" Conversations for Connection prevention program.

Lianne van der Knaap, Jan Eekhoudt and Berry Aarnoudse translated "Hold me tight" into Dutch. Annette Heffels, columnist of Margriet (a weekly magazine) will put the Hold me tight program in the spotlight.

With the introduction of the Hold me Tight prevention program in the Netherlands we anticipated on the wish of Sue Johnson that her knowledge about secure bonds is available for a wide public

It is an 8 session (two hours each session) educational program based on the theory and practice of EFT. The first session focuses on the new science of love and what it teaches us. The next seven sessions focus on helping couples shape and use the seven conversations laid out in the book Hold Me Tight.


The course is special for therapists who have completed an EFT externship and is Dutch spoken.

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