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Annette Heffels & Berry Aarnoudse offer EFT superviion in the EFT centre. Supervision can be given in combination with the supervision track of the NVRG and or VCgT. Karin Wagenaar & Barbara Kohnstamm zijn eveneens EFT supervisor.

EFT indivudal & groupsupervision

A supervision track is part of the proces of getting a certified EFT therapist, this can be done individual and or in a group. You can also choose for online-EFT supervison with one of the trainers in Canada of de VS.

Requirements voor participation in the track of supervision.

You can start with supervision when you have finished the Advanced Coreskills Trainings. With 8 ours of individual EFT supervision and a 8-day Coreskills training your level of education in EFT changes from E (beginner) to A (advanced).

ICEEFT has due to the big numbers of therapist who want to start with EFT supervision, agreed that EFT supervision given in groups, counts as individual EFT supervision.

What do we expect in the supervision?

All partricipants bring in their own clients by offering a video with parts of a EFT session. The video's will be analysed. roleplays are part of the supervision. In the supervision is attention for detecting stages of EFT, the process of change and the interventions you used or can use. The workbook of Sue Johnson et al. (2005) is very useful in integrating theory and practise.

Registration as certified EFT therapist

As the supervision is finished you can apply for registration for certified EFT therapist. The requirements you find on the website of ICEEFT


One hour of supervision costs € 120,00

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