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8 sep 2020
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This experiential workshop will use a combination of short teaching segments, video demonstrations, and small group exercises.  There may also be a live session (dependent on a suitable candidate). We will be using the EFT Tango throughout as the organizing framework. Come join us and discover the power of working with Individual clients using the attachment frame and emotion to shape security and resiliency!

What is unique about EFIT?

This powerful EFT modality brings together the intrapsychic and the interpersonal  experience of our individual clients. As their safe "other", we help them explore their presenting issues as manifestations of their emotion regulation strategy, and as recurring, painful cycles. They start to feel a sense of validation and personal agency in their most painful places.

Emotion is accessed and reprocessed to draw out deepest fears and longings, and views of self and other emerge and become open for modification. Enactments are then used to shape powerful corrective emotional experiences, which create a more flexible responsiveness to others and a deeper sense of self-acceptance.

Meer informatie over deze training vind je op de website van St. EFT Nederland

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